• SOFAR Microinverter

    Microinverter System:

    • Micro Inverter

    • AC Battery

    • Energy Hub

  • All-scenario

    • Plug-in Solar System

    • Residential Grid-connected System

    • Residential Energy Storage System

  • Safety & Reliability

    Increased System Safety with  DC Voltage Below 60 V

    Rapid Shutdown Function

    Optimal reliability

    Stable and Long-range Communication Technology

  • High Yields

    Energy Yields Increased by up to 5%

    Compatible with High-power PV Modules

    Higher efficiency,Up to 97.5%

  • Smart O&M

    Extremely Simple Installation

    50%+ Time Saving with

    • Pre-made AC cables and 

    • Plug-and-play

    Modular Design

    MR 2000 Size < A4 paper

    Compact and lightweight

    Module-Level Monitoring

    • SOFAR Monitor allows remote monitoring of PV modules and pinpoint problems

  • Competitive Power

    No Electrolytic Capacitors Solutions

    No Power Derating at 60℃

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