Utility ESS Solution

SOFAR PowerMaster

Compatible with PV, wind, and thermal power systems, thereby facilitating renewable energy utilization, power output smoothing, peak shifting, frequency regulation and peak load leveling, and also providing auxiliary services to the power grid. It is widely used in power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization.

SOFAR PowerMaster

Utility ESS Solution

Hybrid Cooling System

The innovative combination of air and liquid cooling system provides intelligent monitoring which can reduce heat dissipation loss by about 30% and avoid condensation in battery compartments, thus realizing efficient and consistent cooling.


Ultimate Proven Safety

3+2 safety systems including triple FFS (fire suppression system), flammable gas emission and explosion-proof design to prevent secondary combustion.


Flexible Expansion

The modular design is highly adaptive and capable of expanding single chamber storage capacity up to 3.93MWh. The smart rack-level management increase system discharge capacity by 7%.


Optimized Costs with Lower LCOS

The highly-integrated design and refined management further improve power yields and offers lower LCOS for investors. Compatible with 320Ah cells, it minimizes the initial investment cost and enables higher energy density.

Smart Control

The real-time automatic coordination control which guarantees PCS operating at full power and smart control algorithms make flexible and adjustable system capacity possible.


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    Lower LCOS

  • 2

    High Efficiency and Flexibility

  • 3

    Ultimately Safety

  • 4

    Intelligent Stability

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