Since its establishment, the company has adhered to a global marketing service system throughout, and adjusted its strategic orientation according to changing global photovoltaic industry policies as well as its own development. Countries and regions are at different development stages in terms of photovoltaic power generation, varying when it comes to photovoltaic industry policies, economic development level, natural environmental conditions, and energy use.

The demand for photovoltaic inverters in mature overseas markets grew rapidly during the reporting period. The company actively explores major global markets and emerging markets such as Europe, Australia, India and Brazil, and accumulates rich customer resources in many countries and regions around the world. The company has set up subsidiaries in Germany, Australia, Poland, Korea and other countries and regions to achieve rapid response to local customer needs.

  • What equipment does the commercial solar power system include?
    A:Basic configuration: solar panel, inverter, bracket, cable and installation accessories, etc. For large power plants, transformers, distribution cabinets and other auxiliary equipment are also required.
  • What services do we offer?
    A: We provide one-stop service, including program design, system equipment, transportation and installation, grid-connection technical support, and after-sales service.
  • Does a household PV system need energy storage equipment?
    A:We recommended that the household photovoltaic power generation system eventually be connected to the power grid. In this way, a battery pack is not required for energy storage, saving a substantial amount in cost. At the same time, grid-connection allows for additional government subsidies, which makes it the most economical method. Off-grid systems with battery energy storage equipment are generally used in remote mountainous areas, which don't allow for connection to the power grid.
  • What is the installation area of a solar power system?
    A:It depends on the actual area available on your roof. Generally, 10 square meters are required for a 1 kW system.
  • Can a distributed photovoltaic power generation system be installed in commercial housing?
    A:Yes. You need to explain the situation to the residents in your building and the property management department. The application form needs to be signed by the residents and sealed by the property management department, which will then be archived as a grid-connected application.
  • How is a household photovoltaic system put together?
    A:First of all, we need to collect basic information from you, including the type of housing structure (residential or commercial), roof structure, roof area, monthly electricity consumption, and so on. Based on the above information, we will design the most economical system scheme for you to maximize the benefits.
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