• for C&I and Small-scale Utility Solar

    Meet C&I Market Demands:

    • Higher yields

    • Higher safety requirements

    • Lower installation and O&M costs

  • Ultra-high current

    High yields PID Recovery Reduces Module Attenuation

  • Intelligent Protection, Proven Safety

    • Active safety protection to  eliminate fire hazards

    • Intelligent diagnosis,  enhanced system safety

    AFCI Ensures System Safety

    Intelligent I-V Curve Scanning

  • Enhanced Protections

    • Wide Operational Temperature

    • Adapt to harsh working conditions, fearless of environmental challenges

  • Easy Installation, Hassle-free O&M

    • Less than 75kg, easy to carry and install, saving labor costs.

  • SOFAR Cloud Monitoring

    • A more user-friendly interface

    • A more intelligent system

  • String Inverter System Solution

    • For C&I Rooftop Solar

    • For Small-scale Utility Solar

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