Commercial and Industrial PV solution

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    Intelligent and easy to use

    Multiple communication modes, including RS485, Wi-Fi, 4G, PLC, and Ethernet.
    Remote software upgrade and parameter setting.
    Real-time plant state monitoring, easy operation and maintenance.

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    Safe and reliable

    IP65/IP66 protection rating.
    Built-in AC/DC lightning protection.
    Smart I-V scanning, accurate location of faulty string inverters.

  • 3

    High-efficiency power generation

    Multiple MPPTs, supports multi-orientation mixing of string inverters.
    High-current design, suitable for components with power higher than 600 W, high ratio of installed capacity to rated capacity.
    Low starting voltage, wide operating voltage range.
    Supports 1.1x overload output.


  • Utility PV system solution
  • Energy storage system solution
  • Data center energy storage solution
  • Residential storage system solution
  • Residential PV system solution
  • C&I storage system solution

Other solutions


  • Binh Duong province, Vietnam-1MW

  • Rizhao Haipai Group, China - 5 MW

  • Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China - 2.6 MW

  • Jingzhou Baima Power Supply Station - 30 kW photovoltaic and 100 kWh energy storage

  • Brazil -1MW

  • Netherlands - 500kW

  • Photovoltaic agriculture projects in Korea - 10 MW


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