High Yield

Grid Friendly

Safe & Reliable

High Yield

Support 1500Vdc battery system with high conversion eciency in full power band

Modular design, easy to install, easy to maintain, lower OPEX

Intelligent air-cooling, 45°C without derating


Grid Friendly

Support IEC61850 and fast power response

Centralised control with fewer control units

Support active and reactive power response with four-quadrant operation

Supports high and low voltage crossings to support the grid


Safe & Reliable

P66 protection rating for modules and IP55 for systems with high environmental adaptability

Linkage with BMS and EMS to support multiple protection

Modular design with high system availability

With intelligent control algorithm, the system capacity is flexible and adjustable


SOFAR EBI 1725K PCS supports 1500Vdc battery system, with higher conversion efficiency in the full power section; it adopts intelligent air-cooling design to achieve high temperature of 45℃ without derating; the modular design is not only easy to install and maintain, but also brings lower OPEX. In terms of grid friendliness, it adopts centralized control to reduce control units; supports IEC61850 and fast power response, active and reactive power response, and can operate in four quadrants; supports high and low voltage ride-through to support the power grid. Comprehensive safety design, the stand-alone module adopts IP66 protection level, and the system achieves IP55 protection level, without fear of environmental tests; supports BMS and EMS linkage to achieve multiple protections; has intelligent control algorithms, and the system capacity is flexible and adjustable.


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