No electrolytic capacitors

No power derating at 60℃

Small size

Efficiency up to 97.5%

Easy to install and maintain with small size,  light weight 

Up to 20A DC input current to be compatible with the high power PV module 

Low start up voltage and wide MPPT voltage range 

Safer with Rapid Shutdown function and isolated HF  transformer 

Support off grid operation mode 

Sub 1G wireless communication Product advantages 

IP67 protection grade, more reliable


SOFAR MR600~1000 microinverters are small in size and light in weight, and can be widely used in balcony photovoltaic, rooftop photovoltaic and DIY photovoltaic scenarios. Supports high-power photovoltaic modules up to 20A, resulting in higher power generation income. Designed with IP67 protection, it can adapt to harsher environments. No electrolytic capacitors, longer service life. Configure prefabricated cables, plug and play, reducing installation time by 50%. Users can quickly build a website through their mobile phones and support online diagnosis and control.


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