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Pro Logger

Pro Logger

名称:Pro Logger

型号:LP-1 LP-2

    • Multi-interfaces:RS485,RS232,RS422,CAN;supports connection of P1 meter;

    • Dual SIM chips,supporting on-grid project that requires private network power supply;

    • Support magnetic latching relay controlling 250VAC/16A circuit externally;

    • Support static page configuration or upgrade,Local/remote multi-mode monitoring;

    • Standard accessory:8GB TF card;supports 20-year storage;data in solarman platform will be saved permanently;

    • Support importing data and error history via USB;

    • Support multi-channel digital/analog input interface;support grid dispatching,sensor and multi-scenarios;

    • Embedded super capacitor supports power-off reminder;Simplify plant O&M significantly;

    • SOLARMAN Pro version supports intellingent plant management.

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