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SOFARSOLAR made an appearance in Aisa Solar 2021

2021/10/21 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On the 18th and 19th of Oct, SOFARSOLAR made an appearance in Aisa Solar 2021.

As a star brand in PV inverter market, SOFARSOLAR has never stopped its pace of innovation. According to market demand and environmental changes, it has continuously adjusted its market strategy, improved its market system, and continued to innovate in technology to provide better products and designs. In this exhibition, SOFARSOLAR brought its core products to the audience and the media for a comprehensive display.

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Single-phase three-MPPT grid-connected inverter 8KTLM-G3 is mainly used in household systems. It has a light body, stylish appearance, low noise, low starting voltage, wide working voltage range, power generation efficiency as high as 98.1%, and rich configuration functions (three-MPPT design, 1.5 times DC overload, intelligent IV scanning).

Three-phase dual-MPPT grid-connected inverter 15KTLC-G3, and three-phase multi-MPPT grid-connected inverter 50KTLC-G3, mainly used in small industrial and commercial systems, have high power generation efficiency, support for remote firmware upgrades, and 1.5 times DC overload, AC and DC secondary lightning protection, low starting voltage, wide working range voltage, 110%+ long-term overload capability, and rich market applications.

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Three-phase high-power grid-connected inverter 100KTL is mainly used in large-scale industrial and commercial power stations. Its maximum efficiency is 99%, with IP66 protection level, standard AC and DC secondary lightning protection, and AC and DC dual power and redundant design. High-precision intelligent string detection, with 12-MPPT design, suitable for a variety of complex scenes, improving power generation and other advantages,and can be widely used in various complex environments.

Three-phase dual-MPPT energy storage integrated inverter HYD5-20KTL-3PH, mainly used in small industrial and commercial industries, has 4-MPPT inputs, integrates PV and energy storage, more flexible configuration, convenient switching of multiple modes, high self-use rate, built-in UPS function guaranteeing the stable operation of the key load, the off-grid output connected to the unbalanced load, and supporting the three-phase independent output. The market demand is extensive.

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In the exhibition, SOFARSOLAR also won the award of "Asian Photovoltaic Innovative Enterprise, 2021". It further affirms the contribution of SOFARSOLAR to the PV industry and strengthens SOFARSOLAR’s determination to continue research and discussion in the field of distributed photovoltaics in future.

In the era of dual energy consumption control, PV inverters, as the core product of the industry, play an important role in achieving the great goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality". In the future, SOFARSOLAR will continue to share innovations around the "development and construction of PV power stations and the distributed county-wide promotion of innovation model", respond to national policy guidance, cater to the market development direction, continue to innovate and develop, achieve green and low-carbon, and create a beautiful home!