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SofarSolar’s innovative solutions at Intersolar Restart 2021

2021/10/8 Source: SOFARSOLAR

Reutlingen - Reutlingen-based SofarSolar GmbH presented its newest generation of single- and three-phase inverters at Intersolar, the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry. The completely newly developed inverters have an efficiency of up to 99 percent and offer extensive protection functions. The output of the single-phase devices ranges from 1,100 to 7,500 watts, and the three-phase inverters go from 3.3 to 255 kilowatts.


SofarSolar’s three-phase on- and off-grid hybrid inverter (HYD 5...20KTL-3PH) symbolizes the company’s innovative strength. Apart from two MPP trackers, the 20 kW unit also offers two independent battery inputs for high-voltage batteries.

The stackable AMASS GTX 3000-H LFP battery from SofarSolar’s own production is a perfect fit for this unit, and is scalable from 10 kWh up to 200 kWh in 2.5 kWh steps.


In line with its innovative strategy, SofarSolar has now further expanded its portfolio and entered the market segment of industrial roofs and large-sized ground-mounted systems. The SOFAR 75...136KTL, which boasts 8 to 12 MPP trackers, is optimised to meet the demands of powerful solar modules. It offers IP66 protection and achieves an efficiency of up to 99%. The SOFAR 250/255KTL-HV completes the product portfolio at the top end and, with its 1500 VDC and 800 VAC, is designed for large PV power plants.

"Intersolar Europe is still the best platform in Europe for our product presentation," says Christian Buchholz, Executive Vice President and authorised signatory of SofarSolar GmbH. “The number of international visitors far exceeded our expectations, and there was a high level of interest in our newest products,” Buchholz continued.

SofarSolar is a leading Chinese manufacturer of inverters and storage systems and is now widely recognized as a reliable, efficient and professional partner in Europe. The company's many years of experience in power electronics -and its focus on providing comprehensive service to its customers, which is ensured above all by a branch office in Reutlingen, play an important role herein.