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“We are a leader in Poland.”

2021/9/27 Source: SOFARSOLAR

Reliability, value  and  service made our inverters No.1 in Poland - says David Zhong, co-founder and vice president of SOFARSOLAR. For a Chinese manufacturer of inverters, the Polish market is one of the key markets in Europe. In 2021, SOFARSOLAR inverters shipment to Poland has reached 700 MW. Nowadays, SOFARSOLAR makes 12-year warranty available for Polish distributors.

- COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains. This problem affected many industries, as a result, customers in Europe often received their ordered products or components late. Did these difficulties also affect SOFARSOLAR?


- That’s a global problem, unfortunately, that did not spare us as well. Fortunately, we have quickly taken remedial measures together with the distributors. As a result, our customers and installers received inverters smoothly. I would like to point out that we carry out all deliveries on an ongoing basis, proving the constant availability of SOFARSOLAR inverters to distributors.

- Will SOFARSOLAR maintain such high sales with high availability?


- Polish distributors receive regular support from us, including service. As I mentioned, the Polish market is unique for SofarSolar. Therefore, customers in Poland can count on a 12-year warranty on our products. We have three distributors in Poland: Corab, Energy Nat and Soltec. We support sales with numerous promotional and educational campaigns. We are constantly developing our Polish service, technical support and adapting it to the requirements of the Polish market. I am convinced that this will allow us to maintain the leading position in Poland when it comes to inverters for individual customers and for enterprises.

- What, in your opinion, is the specificity of the Polish market?

- Polish investors are very demanding and pay attention to the quality of products. Of course, the price is also important. I think it is value that distinguishes us from other competitors in the market. In Poland, we sell inverters specially prepared and certified for this market. They meet the strictest standards and are characterized by the highest level of workmanship - this is what makes SOFARSOLAR products superior. Thanks to our success in Poland, we are starting to be more and more famous in other European countries. I believe that SOFARSOLAR inverters will soon become a leader not only in Poland but also throughout Europe.