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Chinese Inverter Brand in the eyes of Pakistan

2021/9/8 Source: SOFARSOLAR

"SOFARSOLAR, Chinese inverter brand, is trustworthy!" -- From a Pakistani client.

Recently, under the circumstance of COVID-19, SOFARSOLAR went out of China again and made its appearance in the 9th International Renewable Energy Exhibition & Conference, which revealed the brand influence of "Made in China" in the market of Pakistan. Treating this event as an opportunity, SOFARSOLAR also cooperated with celebrated enterprises, promoted the friendship with Pakistan, deepened the cooperative level, and realized the mutual benefit and win-win situation.


It is reported that Pakistan possesses of the tremendous potential of solar energy resources and can meet the current electric demands in Pakistan just using the solar energy account for 0.071% of its territory area! On account of the local long and torrid summer, regular blackouts usually occur in Pakistan because of insufficient electricity supply. The local people have recognized this point, which opens a green gate for the photovoltaic power market. According to the Power Generation Installed Capacity Expansion Plan published by the State Electricity Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, the photovoltaic installed capacity in Pakistan will increase from about 1.3GW at the end of 2019 to 12.8GW by 2030, and will reach 26.9GW by 2047.


Zhong Qizheng, the co-founder and vice President of SOFARSOLAR, said that Pakistan's promotion to the continuous application of solar power not only do good to the reduction of the electricity cost in Pakistan in order to gain short-term and long-term benefits, but also can take into account both economic development and environmental protection to prompt them to be ahead of the curve in the global energy transformation, which will serve multiple purposes.


On the basis of the profitable external conditions and the deep-rooted relationship between China and Pakistan, the photovoltaic enterprises in China own more market opportunities.

As a significant part of the international market layout of SOFARSOLAR, Pakistani market has been elaborately carrying out the overall arrangement in respect of channels and accelerating the construction of the marketing service system since 2019. A perfect sales service network has now been formed, and the brand effect has also been achieved in local area.


As the client said, "SOFARSOLAR, Chinese inverter brand, is trustworthy!".

As an inverter brand that has been developing its business in Pakistan market for many years, SOFARSOLAR has never stopped its business exploration, and continued to promote new products, new technologies and new solutions, meanwhile, will continuously adjust the market strategy based on the market demands and bring forth the new technological level, displaying all-round in exhibition.


Single-phase inverter 1-7.5kW, mainly applied to the user systems, has a lightweight body, fashionable appearance, high generating efficiency and rich configuration functions (built-in anti-countercurrent, 1.4 times DC super configuration, flexible monitoring mode).

Small-scale three-phase inverter 3-25kW, mainly applied to small-scale industrial and commercial systems, has high power generation efficiency, supports the remote upgrade of the firmware, low start voltage, wide operating voltage, owns 110%+ long-term overload capacity, and its market applications in the local area is abundant.

SOFAR 80-136 KTL, mainly applied to large industrial and commercial power stations, possesses of the 99% maximum efficiency and IP66 protection grade, standardly configures AC/DC level II anti-thunder, adopts the AC/DC double power supply and redundant design as well as high-precision intelligent series detection, meanwhile, it owns 12-channel mppt design and is suitable for various complex scenes, improves the power generation and other advantages, and can be widely applicable to all kinds of complex environments in Pakistan.

Energy storage integrated inverter, has the MPPT algorithm of real-time calibration, wide-input operating voltage, independent dual-channel MPPT tracking, advanced battery management and other core technologies. It can not only ensure the high productivity of the user power stations, but also be equipped with a variety of working modes, such as PV and energy storage integration, UPS function, etc. Users can choose the time-of-use electricity price mode, time mode and passive mode, etc. based on different application scenarios, which has attracted the attention of local customers.

With stable and intelligent, highly competitive products as well as the full recognition from the customers, SOFARSOLAR can speed up its progress of new energy development in Pakistan. In the future, SOFARSOLAR will work together with Pakistan strategic partner to build a new type of new energy-oriented power system by virtue of taking technology as the support and innovation as the driving force, which will promote the application and popularization of the local clean energy and jointly strike up a new friendship between China and Pakistan.