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The Second Phase Training Successfully Concluded in Polish Training Center

2021/8/12 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On August 10th, the second phase training of SOFARSOLAR Polish Training Center was successfully concluded, and more than 20 employees and some users from renowned PV companies in Poland participated in this training. Through on-site interactive teaching, system installation and operation, common systems and inverter Q&A and other aspects, trainees had a more comprehensive understanding of PV system and products from systematic learning. This training activity achieved the expected effect.



SOFARSOLAR Polish Training Center is located in Rzeszow, mainly for European distributors, agents, installers, end-users and so on. The training forms are mainly immersive, experiential and other interactive experience. The training lectures include seniors in the upstream and downstream of PV industry, SOFARSOLAR core technical personnel, and product manager, etc. The training content covers industry policy analysis and interpretation, PV system installation and operation, PV inverter working principle and troubleshooting, PV system energy storage transformation and operation, and battery installation and operation.

The participants of this training are from well-known PV enterprises in Poland. The trainees have a deep understanding of PV storage system and its product, so as to improve their professional level and service ability.



Zhong Qizheng, Co-founder and Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, said that Polish Training Center and SOFAR SOLAR Academy are important service training platforms that we have successfully built. Next, we will invite more domestic and foreign experts and technical leaders of upstream and downstream enterprises of PV storage to our training platform, covering the industry chain, so that trainees can learn more advanced experience and master more advanced technology, service more PV users.

In the future, SOFARSOLAR will launch the training center program worldwide with more than 20 branches around the world and it will be started at Germany, Australia, India and other countries, and will work with partners to continuously cultivate high-quality, skilled and innovative talents, improve service standards and enhance service capabilities. It is expected that more than 10,000 online and offline trainees will be trained throughout the year, covering more than 80 countries and regions. SOFARSOLAR aims to make more users around the world know about and use new energy, promote the global application and popularization of clean energy, open a new era of green and low-carbon, and create a new green and beautiful home.