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Application of SOFARSOLAR Energy Storage Integrated Inverters in South Africa

2021/8/4 Source: SOFARSOLAR

Biggest thanks to our customers for their exquisite installation of two HYD 20KTL-3PH Energy Storage integrated inverters which are equipped with four GTX 3000 batteries, located at South Africa.

SOFARSOLAR HYD 5k-20KTL-3PH is our latest energy storage integrated inverter series. Its 2 MPPT inputs allow a more flexible configuration and with two battery inputs, which allow the connection of multiple parallel systems, the hybrid inverters are a flexible solution for lithium HV storage systems.A big LCD screen that displays a wide range of information, and a variety of work modes, including an EPS function with a switching time less than 10ms, a built-in zero export function and multiple monitoring options, makes this hybrid inverter the perfect choice for small-scale commercial and residential hybrid PV systems.

Thanks to compact and seal casting with IP65 level protection, an integrated fanless automatic heat dissipation design, protection against, among other things, over and under voltage, over current, and over temperature turn the hybrid inverter into a reliable solution for your PV system. The inverter comes with 10 years warranty (extendable up to 20 years), and supports 25 years of built-in data collection.

In recent years, PV and energy storage solutions have gradually become a significant part of people’s daily lives, and we will do our best to constantly improve our products and your lives.