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SOFARSOLAR‘s Appearing in South Korea Energy Exhibition

2021/4/30 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On April 28-30, in the late spring, GREEN ENERGY EXPO 2021 opened at this moment when the warmth swept the green Daegu, South Korea. With the theme of "Building Road for PV Storage Integration, Connecting Intelligence in the Energy Future", SOFARSOLAR focused on the solution of mutual integration and the technological innovation of PV storage, and comprehensively shew the core technology and innovation achievements to South Korean users, bringing a refreshing feeling to the audience.


In this exhibition, SOFARSOLAR intensively displayed various PV storage products developed and designed for the South Korean market, such as SOFAR80KTL-136KTL, which not only has 99% conversion efficiency, IP66, wider voltage range, and compatibility of 182 / 210 high current components, but also has IV curve scanning, built-in AFCI DC arc fault protection to ensure the safety of power station, and intelligent monitoring system with real-time feedback performing well in complex installation environment such as large-scale ground power station, hill power station and water-surface power station.


With PV energy becoming conventional energy, PV and energy storage must be closely related. SOFARSOLAR’s smart energy system scheme of PV storage integration, as one of the highlights of this exhibition, shows the audience how to achieve energy interconnection and intelligent monitoring by PV and energy storage, and truly realizes the integration of PV system and energy storage system. This smart energy system of PV storage interconnection is composed of PV modules, storage integrated inverter, battery, various household loads and intelligent monitoring, by means of which users can independently set the use mode of energy storage integrated inverter: automatic, time-of-use power price, timing, passive, and off grid, and then realize the deep integration of PV storage with intelligent battery. No matter where users live, they can monitor their home smart energy system through mobile APP anytime and anywhere to master the operation of the power station.


Zhong Qizheng, Co-founder and Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, said that in April 2019 MOTIE of South Korea announced the draft of the Third Energy Basic Plan, which proposed to strive to increase the proportion of renewable energy to 30-35% by 2040, greatly reduce the proportion of coal power generation, accelerate the development of renewable energy, and bring a broad development space for the PV storage market, combining with the superior lighting conditions of South Korea.

Zhong Qizheng introduced that since its entry into the market in 2015, SOFARSOLAR had set up branches and sales service centers to provide more timely and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services for local users, and through deepening cooperation with customers, the market and the service formed a joint force, quickly establishing the brand effect in the local market and occupying an important market position—there were abundant project cases in Seoul, Daegu, Incheon, Anton, Anshan, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Ulsan of South Korea.

Today, the world is on the eve of a new round of energy revolution when the integration of smart technology, Internet of things technology, data algorithm technology and PV energy storage power station has become an inevitable trend, taking the integration of PV power generation and energy storage technology as the main symbol. For South Korea, the main international market of SOFARSOLAR, SOFARSOLAR will continue to strengthen R & D efforts, and push more PV storage products to the South Korean market in the future, so that more users can enjoy the green and happy life brought by clean energy.

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