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Sofar 10000TL

Sofar 10000TL

Product Name: Sofar 10000TL
Product Model: 10000TL

  • High-yield

    • Max 98.2% efficiency

    • Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest

    • Wide input voltage operation range from 250V to 960V

    All in one. Flexible and economical system solution

    • DC switch

    • DC surge protection device(option)

    • AC surge protection device(option)

    • Power management unit

    • Optimum selection for big PV plants, commercial buildings...

    Low maintenance cost

    • Detachable cover for easy installation

    • Rust-free aluminum covers

    • Flexible monitoring solution

    • Multi function relay can be configured to show various inverter information

    Intelligent grid management

    • ZVRT support

    • Reactive power adjustable

    • Self power reducer when over frequency

    • Remote active/reactive power limit control

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