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New SofarSolar Factory Provides a Capacity of over 4GW

New SofarSolar Factory Provides a Capacity of over 4GW

A new factory developed by SofarSolar was officially put into operation this year at the beginning of September. The factory is located in Dongguan of the Guangdong province and has been designed to meet the production needs of grid-tied and storage inverters. With dozens of international production lines, the property has been operating at a high rate and has been producing a vast number of products ever since its initial opening.


SofarSolar Inverters Chosen for 2.7MW Poverty Alleviation Power Station

Sofarsolar has announced that it has been selected as the company to supply 2.7MW of high-efficiency solar inverters to a poverty alleviation power station. The power station, which is located in the Shangnan region of the Shanxi province, has been developed with the aim to provide poorer households with an increased income that will be generated by the power station’s use of inverter technology.


Sofar Solar Inverters Available in South Australia Home Battery Scheme

The South Australia Liberal Government has officially announced their new home battery scheme on September 8th. The scheme is focused on providing households with grants of up to $6,000 to help them get the funding they need to install battery storage in their own homes.


SOFARSOLAR Provides 149 Inverters for Poverty Alleviation Power Station in Shanxi province

As we know,the poverty alleviation power station plays an important measure of precision in poverty alleviation in China, and many poor households have benefitted from it.


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