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Stably Ranking TOP5 in Brazil Inverters Market, SOFARSOLAR Helping Again in Brazil's 2MW PV Farming Project

2021/3/17 Source: SOFARSOLAR

PV farming is a new mode of distributed PV application, which is to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of PV power generation project land through the combination of traditional farming and PV power generation, realizing the three-dimensional and efficient utilization of sunlight and land resources, and achieving the two-way benefits of farming and power generation. It is not only widely used in China, but also becomes a trend abroad.


Brazil, located in tropical zone, is rich in light resources. With the gradual maturity of PV power generation technology and the continuous reduction of power generation cost, PV power generation is gradually entering the vision of Brazilian energy industry. Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, Brazil PV market has maintained a relatively stable growth, with imports of PV modules, inverters and other products increasing, adding 4, 932 MW of installed capacity, according to the 2020 report released by Greener, Brazil's authoritative energy research institute. SOFARSOLAR, as a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and service of PV storage inverter, battery and other products, has an eye-catching performance of ranking fifth in the statistics of Brazilian PV inverter shipment in 2020, and ranking second among Chinese inverter enterprises, and has abundant project cases and is at the top of the segment especially in the field of PV farming.


Over the years, while actively promoting the development of the PV industry, the Brazilian government is also exploring new innovative models such as the combination of PV and farming, which are very well-received. Some states push and benefit farming with light to enhance the development of PV farming by their own resource advantages. Recently, SOFARSOLAR has completed the supply of inverters, mainly in the 50-70kW and 80-136kW power range for Brazil's 2MW PV farming project, which at present has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation, receiving high recognition from customers and owners.

In terms of the reason why PV farming has been widely promoted in large agricultural countries such as China and Brazil, SOFARSOLAR believes that firstly, PV farming does not occupy the ground and will not change the nature of land use, so it can save land resources; secondly, the lighting needs of different crops can be met, and organic agricultural products, seedlings and other high value-added crops can be grown through the construction of solar panels with light transmittance; thirdly, PV power generation can not only meet the power demand of surrounding farming, but also connect the remaining electricity to the grid and sell it, relieving the pressure of electricity consumption and increasing the revenue.

Therefore, the current development of PV farming is of great significance for Brazil's energy structure adjustment, and also has a profound impact on the the transformation of farming and energy in the world. Based on this innovation, SOFARSOLAR will give full play to its advantages in R & D, technology and service, continue to boost differentiated competition and localization operation strategy, strengthen R & D efforts of PV storage products, and launch more PV storage products with stable performance, high efficiency and stronger adaptability, so that more users can enjoy the convenience and economic benefits of clean energy.

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