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Four Series of New Products Launched! Build the Top Brand of "PV Storage and Charging"!

2020/7/10 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On July 3-5, 2020, the 15th China (Jinan) Solar Energy Utilization Conference and Multi Energy Complementary Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "SUCE") was grandly opened in Jinan, China, and SOFARSOLAR dressed up again. In this exhibition, SOFARSOLAR takes technological "Photovoltaic Storage" as the theme and relies on "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging" as the innovation carrier. Four series of new products of "Photovoltaic Storage" are launched in the world, to strive to create the top brand of "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging".


Photo: New Product Launch Site

In recent years, the distributed photovoltaic market in Shandong Province has developed rapidly, whose market installation and potential are far ahead in China. So Shandong market is also a "military important area" for SOFARSOLAR and began to be laid out as early as 2014. Through strategic cooperation with local well-known enterprises and strong alliance, the scientific development of market, channel and service is realized and the quality level and stability have been widely recognized by downstream customers. Now, SOFARSOLAR has become the main force in Shandong photovoltaic inverter market and a well-known inverter brand by Shandong folks, which has a good market reputation.

At the same time, SOFARSOLAR continues to feed back Shandong users with the most cutting-edge inverter technology, the most stable and efficient inverters, the distributed solutions adapted to local conditions, and all-round operation and maintenance services, so as to inject a strong power source for the market development of customers and escort the stable income quotation of Shandong photovoltaic power station users.


In this SUCE, SOFARSOLAR exhibited four series of new inverters, international well-known brand cooperation models, and hot selling models and photovoltaic storage and charging system solutions in Shandong market, etc., and signed contracts with a number of strategic partners on site, winning praise and attention of many customers. It is worth mentioning that SOFARSOLAR energy storage products global tour also officially opened the first stop in this exhibition..

Among them, four series of new products cover: large series of 80-136kW, 10-20kW three-generation inverter, 5-20kW three-phase grid-connected inverter and  HYD inverter , and high-voltage and low-voltage batteries.

First of all, 80-136kW large series inverter, which is mainly aimed at large-scale


industrial and commercial and ground power stations, is famous for its "High Quality, High Income", with the maximum efficiency of 99%. It has IP66 protection grade, 12-channel MPPT design, advanced AC / DC dual power redundancy design, built-in high-precision intelligent string detection and other functions, which can better adapt to wind, sand, rain, snow and other complex and harsh environment. With its listing, the owners will have more choice space, and the income they care about will be strongly guaranteed.

Secondly, the third-generation 10-20kW inverter is praised by customers as "Key Tool in the Large-Scale Household Market". The inverter has high cost performance. The appearance of the inverter adopts lightweight design, simple and fashionable, which is suitable for the home environment and is easy to install; the interior of the inverter adopts the industry-leading heat dissipation technology, and selects a new generation of international brand components, which has a longer service life; in terms of efficiency, it is also industry-leading, which greatly guarantees the income of users; at the same time, multiple protection is adopted inside, which can guarantee the service life of the inverter and greatly increase the time limit of users' stable income.

Thirdly, 5-20kW three-phase HYD 5-20KW inverter is a machine developed for energy storage system, mainly used in large household energy storage system and small and medium-sized industrial and commercial energy storage. This machine integrates PV and energy storage, and can realize multiple working modes of off grid and grid connection.

Fourthly, low voltage and high voltage series batteries, as several heavyweight products launched by SOFARSOLAR to the global energy storage market, have a good reputation in European markets such as Italy and Britain for their convenient installation, strong compatibility, long cycle life and rich communication. This strong return provides a broader space for domestic users in the choice of energy storage batteries.


Photo: Exhibition Site

In the future, SOFARSOLAR will continue to ride the wind and waves, lead the trend, actively explore, deepen cooperation in the new era and under the new situation, improve products and solutions, bring forth the new, and develop more "Photovoltaic Storage and Charging" products with excellent performance, so as to increase the power for the development of global new energy industry.

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