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Strong Alliance! Comprehensively Promoting 5G Energy Storage Business!

2020/5/21 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On May 18, Yang Hai, General Manager of Baoxing Communication, and his party visited SOFARSOLAR. Xu Tao, President of SOFARSOLAR, and Yi Degang, Executive Vice President received them. At the symposium, the two sides fully explored the market growth point, combined with their own core competitive advantages, and reached strategic cooperation intentions on 5G energy storage base station, new infrastructure and other aspects. 


As a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, installation and after-sales maintenance, Baoxing Communication provides systematic products, solutions and operation services with professional intelligent power management system as the core, enjoying a very high reputation and popularity in China. 


As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production, R & D and sales of photovoltaic grid connected inverter, energy storage inverter, battery and charging pile, SOFARSOLAR has exported its products to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and has won the honors of domestic top 5 series inverter brand, global leader of energy storage inverter, India's top inverter brand for many years. And SOFARSOLAR’s industrial and commercial energy storage is widely used in communication base station, 5G, tower and other application scenarios, leading the world. 


At the symposium, Mr. Yang introduced the business scope and market influence of Baoxing Communication in detail, recognized the achievements of SOFARSOLAR in the field of photovoltaic and energy storage, and was full of expectation and confidence for the future cooperation between the two sides in the new field.

Xu Tao, President of SOFARSOLAR, said that Baoxing Communication and SOFARSOLAR have their own advantages in their respective business scope and occupy an important position in the industry. This powerful alliance has achieved complementary advantages and truly achieved "1 + 1 is greater than 2". It is believed that with the gradual deepening of cooperation between the two sides, multidimensional cooperation will be achieved in 5G energy storage, communication tower and new infrastructure, which will continue to help the development of China's power and 5G fields.

In the future, SOFARSOLAR will give full play to its advantages, take planning as the lead, take landing as the guide, continue to empower in the fields of energy storage, 5G and new infrastructure, and contribute to the innovation of communication technology in the motherland.

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