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Energy Storage market is ready!SOFARSOLAR Launches New Energy Storage Products Again, Striving to build the leading brand of PV and storage market

2020/4/24 Source: SOFARSOLAR

Energy storage is the powerful tool for the sustainable development of new energy market,and also the best partner for the long-term development of photovoltaic.According to the analysis of foreign industry consulting agencies,in the next 5-10 years,the global energy storage market is expected to witness an explosive period of growth.At the same time,”photovoltaic+energy storage” has become the most reliable and potential possibility at present,as well as the most predictable application solution that is most likely to be applied on a large scale.


Sharp tools make good work.Only when the potential market is matched with the powerful tools that can overcome the difficulties,can the market be operated and overcome with ease.In order to better meet the market need,improve the market competitiveness of core products in crucial fields,and break the bottleneck of traditional photovoltaic development,sofarsolar not only gradually cultivates the PV grid-connected inverter product matrix,but also continuously increases investment in the field of energy storage.Meanwhile,it has cooperated with well-known domestic universities and testing institutions,and has successively lauched a variety of energy storage products,such as AC-coupled series energy storage inverter,off-grid integrated machines,and energy storage batteries.

In recent days,sofarsolar said that its new energy storage products in 2020:three-phase energy storage,three types of batteries will be released in the near future.

It is reported that the new energy storage products of sofarsolar are mainly for the global market.Whether it is an on-grid system or an off-grid system,this new product can be used to build a multi-complementary energy generation microgrid system to realize photovoltaic self-use and surplus electricity storage,and combine energy storage peak and valley arbitrage and effectively smooth the load on the distribution network to maximize economic benefits.

It is worth looking forward to that the three-phase energy storage inverter of sofarsolar,also known as the three-phase storage integrated inverter or the three-phase off-grid integrated machine,will be officially launched on the market.This series of engineering machines were released in the second half of 2019.After more than half a year of software and hardware tests,system configuration upgrades and improvements,battery compatibility and operation stability evaluation,trials of complex environments at home and abroad,and multiple evaluations by testing agencies,with the comprehensive completion of machine upgrades and remodeling,many of its core technologies will certainly give users a new experience.

The machine uses multiple inputs to make the configuration more flexible.Firstly,there is no difference in four inputs,which can be configured as a mixed input mode or PCS full battery input according to actual needs;secondly,the off-grid output can be connected to an unbalanced load and supports three-phase independent output;thirdly,it can be used by multiple parallel computers,making the system configuration and expansion more flexible and convenient;fourthly,multiple working modes to facilitate customers to select application scenarios according to actual needs,and achieve accurate energy management to maximize customer revenue;fifthly,to work in APF mode to improve the power quality of local power grid;sixthly,full digital control,high control accuracy and many other core technologies.I believe that after listing,there will be countless fans.

At the same time,another highlight worth looking forward to is the AMASS STORE series of energy storage batteries.As an important part of sofarsolar’s light emitting product matrix,as early as 2017,GTX2000 was officially launched globally,which had great repercussions in the European market and obtained high recognition from customers.

The launch of GTX2500,GTX3000,and GTX5000 batteries together filled the market gap and provided users with a richer choice.At the same time,these batteries have excellent compatibility and can be matched with most storage inverters on the market.When it comes to batteries,people often pay more attention to their service life;and the upcoming AMASS STORE series batteries adopt adopt advanced charge and discharge management functions to reduce the damage of electricity during transportation and enhance storage capacity.The cycle life is more than 4000 times,the design life is as long as 10 years,and the economic benefit is more significant.Also,the use of scalable design greatly extended the battery time in parallel.

The release of these new energy storage products of sofarsolar has broken the existing development model of the photovoltaic and energy storage market,and brought a new development opportunity for a new round of “photovoltaic and energy storage”scientific integration.Sofarsolar will seize the market development opportunity,turn these new products into a key tool for market development,provide customers with more competitive and reliable products,and promote the diversification and healthy development of global market.

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