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2019/12/2 Source: SOFARSOLAR



· The Gujarat government on Saturday launched a solar power scheme for farmers- Suryashakti Kisan Yojana (SKY) enabling them to generate electricity for their captive consumption as well as sell the surplus power to the grid and earn an extra buck.

· SOFARSOLAR is currently installing more than 28MW covering whole Gujarat Region. These project demanding very high quality and flexible adaptability for various grid situations and outstanding efficiency in extreme weather condition. SOFAR 4.4KW – 70KW models are using with RS-485 communication.

· In recent SKY project 100 numbers of inverters are installed in  PGVCL feeder. But due to grid fluctuation of one phase w.r.t other phase inverters repetitively tripped. So we are taking voltage graphs on CRO during Peak time and find the reason of grid voltage variation. We troubleshoot that problem by upgrading inverters and changing voltage limitation for particular feeder. Now all inverters are working in NORMAL state and generate more energy.

· In adequate performance of SOFARSOLAR inverters with different data loggers, Grid voltage, extreme conditions, flexible installation pattern proves to be leading in PV market.


· Gujarat government is known for its harvest steps to Solar energy, especially for generating electricity using solar panels. The state governments decided to use solar electricity at the prominent religious places in Gujarat.

· The government install 300KW solar plant at Somnath temple as pilot project. These  project will be used for the electrification of the temple’s parking lots, mess/Canteen and Offices.

· In extreme humidity weather condition, SOFAR inverters are working very efficient way and it’s located near the sea-shore. On site having issue of PV isolation fault occur after installation. So we done troubleshooting through the step by step voltage test of strings. We find the reason of breaking isolation in one of the Positive string. After that our whole Plant is working perfectly without single error.



· SOFARSOLAR inverters are installed with Slanted Roofs in industry.

· Under this state of installation SOFAR 60000TL, 50000TL and 33000TL inverters performs the very well generation for pharmaceutical companies and commercial prospects.

· SOFAR 60000TL inverter’s MPPT 1 and MPPT 2 are having installation of solar panel on tilted roof ( Solar panel installation tilted is 18 degree)and MPPT 3 used in normal flat surface. Even this scenario doesn’t cause affect total generation of energy.



· In the area of solar rooftop installations, Gujarat has stood first in the country with highest installed rooftop solar capacity. Both the Central Government as well as State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) offers subsidy schemes to the people for installing rooftop PV systems. This encourages people to exploit renewable energy and to cut their electricity bill.

· Last year SOFAR SOLAR installed more than 70MW in Gujarat Rooftop Subsidy scheme. Main task of inverter is to constantly match the power output of the panels to another source of steady power. Also having rooftop installation foot print in other states like Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, Punjab,Delhi,Rajasthan,Bengaluru.

· Nowadays challenges in Rooftop installation is components used in DCDB and ACDB. Some of the EPC companies are bypassing the basic Surge protection at AC and DC side for cost saving. So even in this conditions SOFARSOLAR inverters are design with inbuilt protection at AC and DC both side. Inverters are giving generation at rate of 5 times multiply KW ratings.

· SOFARSOLAR  expertise on developing strong consumer relationship by providing quality products, world class customized solutions  and extensive service support has helped in exceeding customer satisfaction. SOFARSOLAR provide with Wi-Fi and GPRS dataloggers facility for monitoring inverter’s data online with ease. Web browsing and mobile applications available on Play store so by use of that end client and dealer can configure ease and identify the parameters of inverters which will helpful for troubleshooting.




· As part of the Southern Railway’s initiative to go green and save on electricity costs by producing 4 MW of solar power, rooftop solar plants will be installed at in Palakkad and Thiruvananthapuram railway divisions.“As far as the Railways is concerned, it is a win-win situation.

· SOFARSOLAR has been committed to corporate social responsibility ever since its foundation. SOFAR 10KTL-X and SOFAR 11KTL-X models are used in this project with RS-485 communication. By successfully completion of this project Kerala government will install more solar plants to other railway station.


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