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Sofarsolar attend Solar Storage Live 2019, 5KW.H Battery European officially release

2019/9/24 Source: SOFARSOLAR

Year in, year out, Solar Storage Live 2019 is one of SOFARSOLAR top events. It was held in the period of September 17-19 2019 in National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK. SOFARSOLAR showed the bestselling products including new inverter ranges among the single phase inverter (1-7.5kW), three phase inverter (4-70kW), hybrid inverter (3-6kW), battery, AC charger inverter and Hybrid solar solutions.

As one part of Sofarsolar new business segments,AMASS-STORE 5KW. Lithium battery is playing an important role in the future energy storage market. During the solar storage live 2019,it was officially released in Europe which can be well matched with each storage system and realized the compatibility of each brand in terms of storage inverter.

Sofarsolar explained that this battery provides user with the better using experience and creating higher economic value.

1、Multi-level energy management, longer battery life
2、One-button switch machine, more convenient operation
3、Modular, ultra-thin wall hanging design, convenient installation
4、Multiple parallel support, high current charge and discharge
5、High BMS compatibility, perfect match of energy storage inverter
6、The adoption of high-performance processors, international brand devices, better stability

At Solar Storage Live 2019,Sofarsolar new battery has attracted many customers' focus and attention. At present, Sofarsolar ME3000SP, HYD 3-6KW storage inverter , 2.4 KW/H model battery has been widely used in the European market and has a good market reputation.

In the year of 2019-2020, a variety of batteries of 5KW/h and above will be pushed to the European market, providing a richer selection space for the users of the energy storage power station.

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