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SOFARSOLAR attended The Green Expo 2019 to accelerate the market expansion

2019/9/9 Source: SOFARSOLAR

On September 3-5, 2019, The Green Expo has been held in Mexico City, which plays an important part of the global market layout for Sofarsolar. During the time, Sofarsolar attended the exhibition and showed the bestselling solar inverters,storage inverters and hybrid system,which was presented at the exhibition and achieved a complete success, laid a solid foundation for accelerating the pace of the Mexican market in the next step.


The reason why Mexico has become the focus of overseas markets is inseparable from its market environment. It not only has the title of "global player of solar energy" in the industry, but also has a good installation environment and market volume.

In June, Mexican Solar Association explained Mexico's cumulative installed capacity has been increased by 2% this year, from 3,075MW at the end of December to 4,057MW. From the positive data, the continuous growth highlights the competitiveness and vitality of the market, as well as the strong demand for new energy and electricity in Mexico.


According to the subdivision of the Mexican photovoltaic market, it is not difficult to see that its market focus is developing towards the distributed PV Generation market. In 2018, there were 85000 net metering contracts in the country, with a total installed capacity of 570MW. But now 94893 solar roofs in operation, the equivalent of 693 MW, an increase of 22% in less than six months. There is no doubt that the Mexican photovoltaic market provides many good market opportunity to Chinese companies,as one of the top 5 string inverter companied throughout China, and has earned the reputation of being a leader in power storage inverters which owns string inverters range from 1kW to 70kW, energy storage inverters range from 3-15kW ,can be fully meet the needs of most of the markets of the world. Now, Sofarsolar seizes the market's opportunities, quickly occupies

the market's important position and deeply cultivates the distributed PV Generation market at home and abroad.

During the Green Expo 2019, Sofarsolar showed many star products such as Sofar 3300TL-G3, Sofar 6KTLM-G2, Sofar 33000TL-G2,HYD5000-ES and HYD system,etc.

Sofar 3300TL-G3 is a new listed in May 2019, which not only has an atmospheric fashion, exquisite appearance, can be better integrated into the home, convenient for users to install, but also has a good profit performance. The maximum DC overload of Sofar 3300TL-G3 can reach 40%, coupled with the maximum efficiency of 97.7%, which can bring higher power generation benefits to users. At the same time, coupled with intelligent, smart monitoring interface, help users master the operation of power station in real time. After this model officially launched to the market which attracted the focus of the market by the majority of installers and users .

Sofar 6KTLM-G2 is widely used in small house power stations in Mexico, which is recognized by the market due to its rich functions and high efficiency. Such as 98.2% of the highest efficiency, 2 MPPT design, I-V curve scanning function , IP65 protection level, built-in sound and light alarm function.

SOFAR 33000TL,as the representative model of Sofar 30K~40K series which used in industrial and commercial power stations have 4-inch LCD large screen, fuse free design, outdoor IP65 protection, internationally brand components, 98.7% of the highest efficiency, to improve machine life and ensure the income of users.

At the Green Expo, Sofarsolar built a face-to-face communication platform and showed the advantages of the company's strength and products to interpret the leading position in the distributed market. In the future, Sofarsolar will seize the tuyere of Latin American market development, bring more stable, reliable, intelligent string inverters and energy storage inverter, more advanced inverter and energy storage technology to the Mexico and Latin American market, so that more people enjoy the gospel of new energy.

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