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Different Modes of SOFAR HYD Inverter Provide Non-stop energy 24 hours

2019/7/26 Source: SOFARSOLAR

As another major energy storage inverter sizes under SOFARSOLAR products serials, it was officially launched into the market in 2017 which attracted the attention of many markets. Now, more and more people from 60+ countries are interested in Sofarsolar HYD inverters which depend on their favor for new energy and their recognition of SOFARSOLAR brand. 

If you are in such situation, then you are in the perfect position to select from the many solar batteries and storage systems that we offer. If you can afford it and it makes financial sense to you, you should definitely consider to install a battery solar system as soon as you find a good deal. You can make contact with Sofarsolar sales and service teams who can help you choose the right energy management system, HYD inverter sizes and solar battery sizes which will assist you in cutting down on your energy consumption and will allow you to get good idea of how much battery capacity you need.

As an important part of energy storage power station, SOFARSOLAR HYD inverter can make customers get unexpected and continuous benefits. SOFARSOLAR HYD inverter can work in auto or time‐of‐use (TOU) mode, charge / discharge the battery when needed. In auto mode, the HYD‐ES inverter will charge surplus PV energy into the battery & discharge battery to supply power to local load when PV energy is not enough. 

In case of blackout, HYD‐ES inverter can work in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) mode. HYD‐ES inverter will utilize power from PV panels & energy stored in the battery to supply power to critical load. 

With many new functions, SOFARSOLAR battery inverter were widely used in 60+ countries (e.g. Australia, the UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherland, France, China etc.), which enable residents’ supply to be secured even in the event of grid failure and decrease the electricity bill. While you have this storage power station and HYD inverter, you may have non-stop energy 24hours.

Now, SOFARSOLAR is currently known as one of the top 5 string inverter companies throughout China. After breaking ground and gaining the reputation of being reliable, efficient, and professional, it has now become one of the famous companies in power storage inverters. In the futureSOFARSOLAR will increase the strength of market research and development, continue to work in the field of energy storage, to provide more stable and possible energy storage products for users around the world.

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