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Sofarsolar shows new products and strength at intersolar 2019

2019/5/17 Source: SOFARSOLAR

From May 15 to 17, Intersolar Europe 2019, was held in Munich, Germany. As one of the top5 string inverter companies that can be found throughout China, Sofarsolar attended the exhibition and showed the bestselling products, including their new inverter ranges such as the single phase inverter (1-7.5kW), three phase inverter (4-70kW) , hybrid inverter (3-6kW), battery and AC charger. What deserves attention is the new generation inverter named SOFAR 1-3.3KW-G3,battery and AC charger which were exhibited in Europe for the first time and caught the eye of the visitors from all around the world.


One of the most outstanding elements for Sofarsolar for it’s show-up in Intersolar was the introduction of a product that emphasizes a future prospect of the company—-SOFARSOLAR Energy Storage Solution. This solution with multiple working modes listed below, configured with PV panels, hybrid inverter and battery, etc., will play an important role in People's future energy life and meet the different requirements of a diversified group of users

1、PV & storage all in one, increases self consumption to 80%+,decreases reliance on the electrical grid, decreases the electricity bill.

2、Stand alone mode(like UPS)available, ensures safe operation of critical loads .

3、Multiple operation modes selection: auto mode, time-of-use mode, timing mode, passive mode etc.

At Intersolar, SOFARSOLAR presented another new product for 2019--AC Electrical Charger, which provide power for new energy vehicles,parking lots of hotels, office buildings, supermarkets and publics, etc. 

During Intersolar 2019, Sofarsolar built up cooperative relationship with a number of well-known local companies, which will further assist them to facilitate the business development in the whole Europe market. 

The Europe solar market plays an important part in global PV market and the market share is keeping increased year by year, this is a great opportunity for Sofarsolar to develop their business and bring reliable inverter solutions to the Europe solar market, this will in return provide enough budget on improving the marketing, R&D, channels, Services etc., to the customers.


Since 2014, Sofarsolar has completed its channel layout and built up a perfect sales and service system in this market. The brand of Sofarsolar has been deeply rooted in Europe. In the future, Sofarsolar will continue to increase market investment to provide reliable and efficient inverters. With the promotion and application of more of the company's products throughout growing markets, this has further worked to strengthen the subsidiary's determination to progress the industry even further and lay a solid foundation for Sofarsolar globalization.

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