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Solar Program for Low-income Households Launched in NSW

2018/11/6 Source: SOFARSOLAR

In New South Wales, many eligible, low-income households will be provided with the opportunity to change their Low Income Household Rebate for a brand new solar system.

The Low Income Household Rebate is paid annually and it assists those low-income households to deal with the increasing costs of their energy bills. Currently, the rebate amount is $315.50 each year and is available to pensioners, health care and DVA Gold Card Holders.

While this is still very much in the early stages, the Solare for Low Income Households Trial will result in around 3,400 homes within the Central Coast, North Coast, Sydney – South, Illawarra, Shoalhaven and South Coast region voluntarily move away from the rebate and instead be given a 2.5kW solar system.

The key aspect of this trial is the fact that many low-income households do not have the ability to take advantage of solar energy even though they can benefit from it. There are many households that do want to do their bit for the environment and reduce their electricity prices at the same time. The introduction of solar power would enable them to keep their bills down and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. However, as solar power system require an upfront investment it has proven to be difficult for many.

There is no further information available about the trial or when the systems are likely to be installed. There is also no further details regarding what happens if the homeowner moves or even if renters can have a chance to take advantage of it. This is unlikely as they will not own the property upon which the solar power system is installed.

At this point in time, there is no indication as to who will be undertaking the installation project or what it will consist of. However, residents are hoping that the groundwork has been carried out to ensure that the systems are installed, perform and offer low-income households the chance to benefit.

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