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Feed in Tariffs in SA

2018/11/6 Source: SOFARSOLAR

As Australia continues to make strides in the right direction when it comes to solar it seems as though some areas of the country are making real progress such as South Australia.

In fact, this area of the country is leading the way as there are now thousands of homes across the state that are using and feeding in clean energy while significantly reducing their own bills and the bills of those in the community.  Despite this positivity, there are some retailers who are making life difficult for solar owners by paying them nothing for the clean energy that they are producing. However, some of those retailers have also been selling that electricity on for a considerable amount of money, leaving people out of pocket while pocketing the profits themselves.

Despite this, things have now changed as the Essential Services Commision of South Australia stepped in and deregulated the minimum feed-in tariff that retailers had to pay those who owned solar panels. If those retailers did not increase their prices then they were threatened with the re-regulation of a minimum.

Since this change, retailers are now making better decisions and are now paying solar panel owners the correct amount that they are entitled to although some retailers have refused to acknowledge this.

The commission decided to release a table that highlighted all retailed based on their feed-in tariff offers, giving a greater level of transparency to customers. The list indicated that many retailers are not offering a fair deal with the significant difference being identified.

However, this information and these changes have made it more important than ever before for customers to make sure that their retailer is, in fact, giving them the best deal available to them. As they become more informed and armed, the retailers are going to have to be seen to be acting in the right way.

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