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SOFARSOLAR Completes 2.6MW Agriculture Light Power Station Project In China

2018/7/2 Source: SOFARSOLAR

The Vice President of SOFARSOLAR has released a statement detailing that the subsidiary of the Sofar Group has now completed their project of transforming and developing the modern agriculture industry throughout China. In a press release, Vice President David Zhong confirming the news; “From the single planting of traditional agriculture, to the multiple income generation of modern agriculture, the combination of photovoltaic power generation and agriculture is driving the new transformation and development of modern agriculture in China!"  


The Sofar Group subsidiary SOFARSOLAR have recently completed the development of their 2.6MW agriculture light complementary power station that is located in Wuxi, China. The project of the power station was undertaken in Wuxi City of the Jiangsu Province and maintains a power capacity of 2.6MW. The funding for the project was all self-invested by the owner and the station adopts the “full-rate Internet” mode which showcases further development in the field. Making use of SOFARSOLAR technology, the power station was developed using the inverter 65 SOFAR40000TL which is currently operating at its normal, efficient capacity and providing the owner with a steady income.


The power station project has become known to be a highly representative demonstration of just how the modern agricultural industry throughout China has changed. By the project being completed, it does well to showcase the transform that has taken place within China in regards to farmers moving away from using pure agricultural planting and instead focusing on a combination of agricultural and photovoltaic.

Likewise, the completion of the project as made it obvious that the use of combined agricultural and photovoltaic technology has become a very important part of the country’s modern agricultural development system. As well as promoting the transformation of modern agriculture, the use of this technology also promotes the development of clean energy. At the same time, it also achieves breakthroughs throughout the market and sparks further innovations within the production of agricultural products. Due to the economic benefit and social influence that the technology offers, many owners are now paying more attention to the development of the new agricultural industry.

As explained by the owner of the self-funded project, the new photovoltaic power station effectively combines the use of photovoltaic power generation, planting, harvesting, and other resources to develop an efficient system. With the integration of these various technologies, the power station has been able to produce and generate a characteristic and large-scale agricultural development system. SOFARSOLAR explains that this was their original intention for the project and, as the industry continues to expand further, new features for the power station will be developed alongside its existence.

As well as confirming the news of the project’s completion, Vice President David Zhong also has stated that the integration of photovoltaic and agriculture in China is the new direction for the modern agricultural industry. Whilst this proves to be an excellent development for photovoltaic inverter manufacturers, this also means that it is currently their most important concern to ensure the stability of their products. In this market, the stability of the product is the protection of the owner’s stable income, and SOFARSOLAR notes product stability has always been their main focus and always will be.

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