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SOFARSOLAR Showcases Strength During “Intersolar Europe 2018” Exhibition Whilst Focusing On A Variety Of Core Products

2018/6/21 Source: SOFARSOLAR

During the weekend of 20th – 22nd June 2018, “Intersolar Europe 2018” was held in the New International Center Of Munich, Germany and showcased quite a few impressive contenders. One of the companies represented at the exhibition was SOFARSOLAR, a subsidiary of the SOFAR Group throughout China which specializes in the sales, production, and servicing of residential and commercial grid-tied inverters.

Known as one of the top three brands in shipments of string inventers within China, SOFARSOLAR is carrying the solutions for various power storage inverters, hybrid inverters, photovoltaic grid-tied inverters, along with various storage and charging systems. Compared with other power storage inverter companies, SOFARSOLAR has showcased their strength in the terms of their software and hardware uses. This, in turn, has highlighted just how much of a position of power SOFARSOLAR currently holds within the inverter industry.

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The Vice President of SOFARSOLAR, David Zhong, released a statement explaining just how important the company knows the largely influential exhibition has become throughout Europe. In note of this, Zhong explained that SOLARSOFAR made sure to concentrate on displaying the latest products and technology that it has to offer. Using the exhibition as the prime opportunity to show the world what it has been working on and developing, SOLARSOFAR made sure to focus on displaying their hybrid machine AC coupling solar storage inverter which is suitable for both on-grid and off-grid use. Their efforts definitely paid off as the technical innovation and humanized design of the product has quickly attracted industry attention from consumers and competitors alike. 

SOFARSOLAR’s AC coupling power storage inverter market originated in 2016 and has since become increasingly popular throughout Europe, Australia, and other global regions. The introduction of the power storage inverter machine became a landmark product for the company after being officially released and has aided in the generation of a solid foundation for the overall power storage market.

There are a number of different reasons as to why these SOFARSOLAR products are becoming so popular throughout the world today as there are many benefits the technology offers both companies and consumers.       


The products have been developed with the focus of compatibility in mind, allowing the machines to improve existing photovoltaic grid systems whilst still being able to generate and develop new storage systems. The machines are also compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries, as well as being able to be used alongside other photovoltaic inverters on the same grid. The overall design of the machine has also been largely kept in mind to ensure that it adopts and maintains a highly efficient level of productivity. The reliable design of the system makes use of internal wiring to ensure that operation of the machine remains stable and works to generally extend the service life overall while protecting the battery life.

The system management is highly intelligent as it focuses on data analysis that allows the machines to work at their highest level of functionality. As an added benefit, the technology is also able to be controlled through the use of an internet connection, which allows the user to view the current state of the machine’s terminals in real-time.

The on-grid and off-grid hybrid machine is set to be sold to the market in June 2018 and has specifically been designed for household, industrial, and commercial use. As the product is finally released to the rest of the world, the models will also be integrated into the core power storage inverter technology of SOFARSOLAR.

The machine itself is assumed to rack up quite the amount of success in the months following its release due to the fact that the models have completely flexible power management which is entirely adjustable. By allowing the electricity generated by the grid to be prioritized for the uses of household power loads, any excess power is then stored in the battery. Once the battery is full, the power can then be rerouted and reconnected to the overall power grid. When not generating power during the night, the battery packs discharge the load and reduce the amount of electricity that is purchased from the grid overall, which reduces household utility costs. The machine’s ability to seamlessly switch to off-grid mode also guarantees the continuous stability of operation even during moments of power system instability. 


SOFARSOLAR was one of the earliest inverter enterprises to enter the European market in China. Due to the quality of their products and machinery, they’ve quickly gathered a large amount of support despite the many kinds of string inverters within the market. Throughout the exhibition, SOFARSOLAR showcased the second generation machine of their 3-7.5 single-phase grid inverter, 4-40 kW three-phase inverter, and 50-70 kW inverter. The 3-7.5 kW single-phase grid inverter has received the most attention due to its efficiency and its overall quality. The machine has been designed to adopt an all-aluminum structure and its circuit topology greatly reduces the volume and weight of the inverter whilst also improving the user experience. During the development of the machinery, the company also factored in better controlled heat dissipation, which improves the service life of the machine and makes the product all the more trustworthy.

David Zhong has stated that the products designed by SOFARSOLAR are popular throughout global regions for two particular reasons; the quality and the services. Every product produced by the company of SHENZHEN SOFARSOLAR goes through extensive amounts of testing, ensuring its efficiency and reliability. Along with being highly in-demand due to its continuous innovation, Zhong also believes that the company is popular due to world-wide market channels and international service center. The company’s market channels currently cover over 100 countries throughout the world, and its popularity is only increasing as products are further developed.

At this moment in time, SOFARSOLAR is focusing on putting forth further efforts to generate more international influence throughout the inverter brand market. The subsidiary plans to continue enhancing the efficiency of their machinery and expand their product range. SOFARSOLAR as a corporation wishes to provide the international market with more power storage inverter products to promote the development of global inverter technology, whilst also providing a higher quality of customer service. 

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