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Sofarsolar introduces a new model 6000TLM

Sofarsolar introduces a new model 6000TLM

The new member of the family is the Sofar 6000TLM model, an inverter which adds a new model to the single phase range. It has all the features of the ... 2016/11/23

Shenzhen Sofarsolar is coming to India

The India market has been growing over the past years and there is now a Feed- In-Tariff in place from the government which is making the demand for s... 2016/7/28

About New Product: ME 3000SP

ME 3000SP is designed to retrofit for all existing PV grid-connected systems.It is compatible with all existing grid-tied PV inverters.It can integrat... 2016/6/1

EcoBuild 2017

EcoBuild 2017

Name:EcoBuild 2017

Time:07-09 March 2017


Enabling long-term solar investments in Europe

In just over a decade, solar energy has evolved from being relegated to highly specialized applications that justified the high cost, or heavily subsi... 2016/12/26

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